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Yola Campus



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About Yola Campus, Nigerian Law School

Personally, I didn’t want this series to end but we have to move on, plus I miss giving you guys beauty content. Last stop, Yola Campus, leggo!

Hey! Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi I’m TP, just TP. I won’t bore you with what that means. I’m @DukeofEgbaland on Twitter and Instagram, Feel free to follow. Before I go further, DISCLAIMER. This is my reality in Yola Campus, some people may have experienced better or worse.

How did you feel when you saw your NLS campus posting?

I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even consider Yola. I never thought it as an option but selah! It sure as hell wasn’t on my form. I was surprised but it turned out better than I expected.

How was the resumption and registration process?

I completed registration under 2 hours. Compared to other campuses, that was lightning fast! There’s really no stress at the registration points. Just ensure you have all the necessary documents and photocopies.

Tell us about the accommodation? Are there any options, like different sizes of rooms with better amenities?

Yola Campus is a very small one with a population of roughly about 350 people. Accommodation is somewhat convenient. Four in a room with two rooms sharing a bathroom, toilet and common reading area. There is however a strange absence of a wardrobe so prepare to live out of your suitcase like most people as well as myself did. Also, prepare to battle mosquitoes during the rainy season.

Any contraband not allowed in hostel?

What do you define as contraband? There’s a Don’t ask, Don’t tell policy. Nobody is searching your stuff.

How long do lectures last for? How did you cope with those hours?

Lectures start by 8AM and could end as early as 12.30. This is in consideration of the fact that there is also a 30 minutes break somewhere in the middle. Classes could also extend to about 2PM on some days. Oh well, I still had my phone and good people seated beside me for good company.

Did you ever have time to read before class or make notes?

I mean, look at the hours! I had time to make notes before class. It’s however important to note that in Yola Campus, private study can not be overstated. So, read as much as you can on your own, no knowledge is lost. Also, attend Group meetings, they are usually very helpful. You also never know when the mic stops at you or your group is called out during Class activities.

Does your campus allow for printed handouts?

I didn’t hear any rules on Printed handouts and it was quite common in Yola.

Let’s talk about the food. What are the good food spots around campus or in town?

There are two cafeterias in the campus- Oluyole and Iyabo. There’s really not much of a difference between the two. I’ll leave you to decide which. However, there are the more options outside the campus such as Hometaste, Mama Calabar and my personal favorite, Abubakar and Suleiman for the best Indomie and also, toast.

Any fun experiences you had during your stay? Share with us.

Fun experiences? I had relaxation spots where I went on occasion. *more on that later*. I also found cheap, good Chinese food. You can’t underestimate the importance of that to your happiness. Also, there’s almost always football for the guys in the evening on the weekends.

What’s the cost of living? Does one need 30 billion in the akant?

Yeah, you need 30 billion but you’re definitely going to send Sike and I 29.5 for this guide. Yola Campus is quite affordable- food is reasonably affordable, laundry is very affordable. However, DISCLAIMER! This is quite subjective.

What’s the preferred means of transportation? What’s the transport fare from the airport?

Everywhere within the Campus is within close reach. Outside the campus, the most preferred means of transportation is Keke which is very affordable. Transport to the airport by car is about 3,000 or 2,500, depends. However, I’ve seen some people do Keke to the airport. Wild! Costs about 300 thereabouts.

Any strict rules on dressing to class?

Regulation dress obviously. It’s most especially enforced at official gatherings. On Fridays however, we’re allowed to wear native. Hopefully, it still applies next session.

What did you do to cool off after class or during the weekend?

I’m a complete series buff so I had a lot of those to maintain my sanity after class and during the weekends. Also, they’re a couple of nice places to go, there’s AUN Clubhouse, Damada Restaurant, Keke Cafe, Chicken Cottage, Wetlands and many others. AUN Clubhouse and Keke Cafe are within a stone throw from Yola Campus while Wetlands and Damada Restaurant are in Jimeta and finally, Chicken Cottage is on Bank Road. All within a 100 Naira Keke radius. There’s this stereotype with Yola that a lot of people who haven’t been to Yola believe. Contrary to widely held views, Yola is a safe, peaceful and quiet city.

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