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Congratulations on beginning your law school journey! As you gear up for the first semester, chances are good you’re experiencing a range of emotions: excitement, apprehension, confidence, fear, and so on. Sometimes all in the same half hour!

Anyone who’s ever gone to law school has been where you are. It’s exciting to start this new chapter, but also a little intimidating.

But what if you could arrive at law school orientation feeling ready? What if you showed up knowing that you’d given yourself the best possible shot at law school success?


Let’s talk about some of the challenges you’ll face as a law student (and what you can do to overcome them):


Law School Exam Stress

Unlike most undergraduate classes, your law school success depends on doing well on one exam at the end of the semester. Have a bad day, and your final grade’s going to suffer. Even crazier, most 1L classes are anonymously graded on a strict curve! So you don’t just have to know the material well, you have to know it better than everyone else in the class.

Add these two facts together, and you can see why law students find exams so stressful.

What can you do? To be at the top of the curve, you need an exam prep strategy that works from day one. There’s just no time to try to figure everything out on your own as you go. Knowing what to focus on — and how to handle the volume of material that will be thrown at you — is critically important, from the very first day of classes.

Luckily, with the right guidance, law school exams aren’t impossibly hard! If you’re talented enough to get into law school, you can do well on your exams.


Law School Workload

On a typical night, you’re going to have between two and four hours of reading for the next day’s classes. (And, trust us, a lot of the reading won’t be terribly exciting. We’re talking hundred-year-old cases full of impenetrable language and statutes that even the drafters didn’t understand.)

Add ongoing legal research and writing assignments, mandatory class attendance, and the all-important extracurricular activities to round out your résumé and you can see why time management is a huge challenge for new 1Ls.

What can you do? The only option is to get serious about managing your time. And, to do that, you need help figuring out what’s truly critical, and what can slide as the semester goes on.

The good news is that after working with students at many different law schools, we know what consistently works (and what doesn’t). With the right guidance, you’ll be able to spend your time on the activities that generate the most bang for your buck, freeing up time for other important things — like sleep and fun!


Getting a Law Job

Hopefully the legal job market is improving, but the reality is it’s still pretty bad and may stay that way for the foreseeable future. (Don’t get us started on the robot takeover.) With good reason, many incoming law students are concerned about finding a job — after graduation, but also during law school summer breaks.

The harsh reality is that legal employers want to see good law school grades. If you’ve got excellent grades, you’re far more likely to get the job you want than someone lower down on the curve. (This is true even at the very top schools, where everyone’s competing for the most prestigious clerkships and so on.)

What can you do? To optimize your job prospects, you need the best grades you can get. Full stop. Sure, other things factor in at the margins, but nothing puts you in a better position for your dream job than being near the top of your law school class.

We don’t recommend stressing out too much about jobs before you even start law school, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind. If you’re serious about getting the job you want, your grades need to be excellent.

Luckily, Start Law School Right can help with that!

Want to sign up? Just click here.


Start Law School Right members

When new students join Start Law School Right, here’s what we tell them:

Welcome, we’re on your law school team now!

Sure, you can muddle through law school on your own, but it’s easier with the right guidance and coaching.

Just listen to what some of our prior students had to say:

“I almost want to tell everyone about SLSR and tell them to go take it, but then I remember I’m competing against everyone! I feel ahead of the game.”

“I started law school as a part-time evening student while working full time and a mother of 4. Taking this course allowed me to feel ahead of the curve before I even sat in my first class. I was able to score the highest grade in my writing class and I know this course helped me achieve that goal.”

“I already had a handle on a lot of the general concepts that were covered (quickly/briefly) during the first week.”

“It took the edge off, which helped a great deal.”


Start Law School Right combines a variety of components — which you can access at any time, from any location — into one structured, integrated experience with plenty of opportunities for personal feedback. It’s all ready when you are — you can start right now and immediately begin preparing for law school success!

Keep reading to learn more about what’s included:


As soon as you register for Start Law School Right, you’ll get access to the full course, so you can get started right away. You’ll also have a special Trello board to track your assignments and get feedback from your personal tutor.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve kept things streamlined and easy to use! You can even mark each page complete when you’ve finished it, so you always know where you’re at and can easily pick up where you left off.


What’s the best way to learn anything? Practice and get feedback from someone who knows how to do it.

Unfortunately, law school isn’t structured to provide much individual feedback. But Start Law School Right is!

In most modules, you’ll be given a targeted assignment (writing a case brief, making an outline, drafting an exam answer, etc.) to ensure you’re practicing the skills you need to succeed in law school.

These carefully structured assignments are truly the heart of the course. Anyone can listen to a lecture and nod along — but can you really do the work? How will you know, unless you try it? (And far better to find out before you get your first grades back, right?)

The instructor feedback is constructive, but direct. We respect our students enough to tell them what’s going well, but also to point out what’s not working. Luckily we’re not grading you! We’re just here to help.

Want to see a sample assignment with feedback? If you’re curious about what the the assignments are like (and what sort of feedback you’ll get), click below for two samples (a subject matter outline on the left and an essay answer on the right):


When the Start Law School Right course is over, we don’t abandon you! You’ll get regular updates on what you need to be working on as the semester progresses. We’re also happy to answer questions via email throughout the semester, when you realize you have no idea what’s going on in a class or just need to ask a “stupid” question.

Finally, for those Start Law School Right students who’d like to work closely with us throughout the year, we’re pleased to offer a 10% discounted tutoring rate, for more intensive ongoing one-on-one work.


Start Law School Right Today

You can begin today! As soon as you join Start Law School Right, you’ll have immediate access to all of the course materials, and you can work at your own pace. The course is designed to take 3-4 weeks, working about 5 hours a week (less in the beginning and a bit more at the end, when the assignments become more complex). It’s designed to be flexible, so you can fit it in around other commitments. A motivated student with sufficient time can also speed things up, working more hours in a shorter period of time. Overall, the average time commitment is typically 15-20 hours.

Typically, you can expect feedback on every assignment you submit within three business days.


Start Law School Right testimonials

Curious to know how former students liked Start Law School Right? Here are a few comments from our students:

“I’m really lazy. Will this course work for me? Probably not.”
I was terrified about law school predominantly because I didn’t understand how professors would assess me, and they would also grade me on a curve. The line above, from FAQ #7 convinced me to sign up. Though law school grading intimidated me, I knew I could work hard. SLSR also clearly distinguished itself from other programs by assigning a mentor to grade substantive assignments that (in retrospect) clearly reflect critical skills and processes for success in 1L year. All schools have introductory classes, but they don’t provide the feedback necessary to gain the most value from briefing cases, record the most important lecture points (it is not the holding!), outline in order to create brutally effective action plans, and most importantly, focus your test answers to wring the maximum points from careful analysis of essential legal issues. My tutor responded to each assignment within 24 hours. Her constructive feedback noted both what I did well, and what practices I could adopt for every task to best prepare myself for the final. Though I’m not more brilliant than my colleagues, I achieved exceptional grades because SLSR taught me the most important aspects of law school success long before others learned.

“You ladies were fabulous! I love the honest advice — all very useful. I have just finished orientation and there were some questions being asked that I just felt like been there, done that, because we’ve already discussed it. I think I would have been WAY more overwhelmed with the nitty-gritty if I haven’t taken this course.

We learned how to brief this week, but it was nowhere near what you guys taught us. I honestly feel bad for those who don’t know how to brief. They are SO confused! Not saying that I have it all figured out — because I’m far from it, but I feel so much better about things that everyone else just began to ask about.”

“It seemed like in orientation, we were told several times that “this method won’t work for everyone, so you have to find what works for you” but they never gave us any other methods. They showed (and required) us to do and turn in paper briefs and never even mentioned book briefing. Also, it was nice to actually work through an exam answer and get feed back; same with the outlining. While we did have to outline in orientation, no one read them or gave suggestions for improvements.

And, the action-plan idea! I feel like that is going to be instrumental to my success on exams and that was not something that was talked about in orientation. I also feel a lot of comfort in the fact that if two weeks down the road I feel like what I’m doing is not working, I can go back and review all of the lessons on SLSR and reevaluate what I’m doing and what my objective should be.”

“All throughout orientation I felt a peace of mind knowing that I’d practiced briefing already and knew the importance of outlining. Even though we do end up doing a brief and outline in orientation, you don’t get the personal feedback needed to know if you’re actually doing it right or not. That aspect is instrumental to getting off on the right foot starting with the first day of classes. It is also nice to know about the court system structure and ‘where the law comes from.’”

“Alison and Lee have created a program that is a great introduction to law school. From how to take notes in class, to outlines, to exams, the course hit all the big things I was most curious and concerned about when it came to starting law school

From day one in school I was using the tools I gained from the course. Also, Alison and Lee are incredibly responsive and provide a great pipeline of support. Throughout the course and even beyond I feel like they are genuinely invested in my success.

“I feel like I’m already a step above my peers. And it’s also nice to know that I have a resource and help from a real person (not just reading tips from a book). While the school definitely has resources available to us, its nice to have someone that graduated from school fairly recently and specializes in tutoring people in how to succeed in law school.”

Money is tight starting law school, but I am so glad I invested in Start Law School Right. I feel like I more than got my money’s worth in confidence and a variety of tools I use in note-taking and outlining (many that my classmates are still trying to figure out!). I highly recommend Start Law School Right.”


Get started on your law school journey today!

You can register for Start Law School Right by clicking one of the blue “Get Started” buttons below. We look forward to working with you!


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