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  1. History of the Legal Profession and Regulations
  2. Keeping Terms and Dinner Etiquette
  3. Interviewing And Counseling Skills And Ethics
  4. Fundamental Rules of Good Drafting
  5. Legislative Drafting
  6. General Principles of Interpretation of Statutes and Deeds
  7. Duty of Counsel to Clients
  8. Regulatory/Controlling Bodies in the Legal
  9. Profession and Exclusive Rights and Restrictions
  10. Duty of Counsel to Court
  11. Duty of Court to Counsel
  12. Duty of Counsel in Special Circumstances
  13. Contempt of Court by Lawyers
  14. Improper Attraction of Business
  15. Professional Discipline of Legal Practitioner
  16. Appointment and Discipline of Judicial
  17. Officers in Nigeria
  18. Legal Skills
  19. Advocacy
  20. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  21. Remuneration of Legal Practitioners
  22. Duties of Lawyers on Charging of Clients
  23. Law Office Management
  24. Information Technology in Law Office Management
  25. Opening & Closing of Case Files
  26. Legal Practitioners’ Account

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