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Kano Campus

Kano Law School Campus.

Address: Nigerian Law School, Kano Campus
Jos Road, Kano
PMB 3568

Early Tuesday morning, I was having breakfast when I saw on my university’s class page that Law School Posting was out, the speed at which I ran up the stairs to check my application number to type in the required box still amazes me… My heart was beating so profusely. Then I typed in my details and guess what I saw Kano, at first my reaction was ,’this is not real’. I closed the page and retyped my details, lo and behold, there staring at me was still Kano campus. At that moment I felt so disappointed and sad because I had wanted Abuja or Enugu campus, any of the two would have been fine. Then the thought came to me, that has not God always been there, then He is going to take care of me..and Then I got small courage and started looking for fellow comrades who had been posted to Kano. Then the preparation begun, which was of no use as I was not prepared for the kind of weather I met when I got to Bagauda which is where Kano campus is located, always wished I had more information which is why i decided to write this post which I have been delaying for so long.

Kano Campus, Bagauda.
So Kano campus is actually located in Bagauda as it has such a beautiful scenery and a large expanse of land where on weekends students and lecturers take advantage of for sports . It is also the only campus with a lake…smiles…this was our former DG’s favourite line…and he is absolutely right.
Now, the place where Kano campus is, used to be a popular Resort a long time ago so you can still see the chalets used in accomodating the guests which is where some students will be accommodated as well as the Bar which is behind the auditorium which is now used as a restaurant and a chilling spot to watch any football game. The Lake is so beautiful..and the northerners are so helpful and amazing,that was the first cultural shift I experienced.

Kano experiences extreme weather, it is either extremely hot or extremely cold. However the cold weather is preferable so enjoy it while it lasts but keep warm . The cold weather will legit make you look so fresh that people will think you went to ‘the abroad’😁. So travel with thick sweaters, gloves, head warmer, thick socks, blanket, kettle or you can hold your cash and buy whatever you need in the mammy market in school. Take whatever will make you comfortable . However, the weather changes so take light clothings too especially if you intend to spend Christmas in school instead of travelling home. This is because the weather will get warmer from February till April, then when you come back in July, rainy season will emerge with its mosquito, so pack mosquito nets as well.
Bagauda is legit compared to the North in Game of Thrones

Kano campus can be accessed either by train, by road or by air(preferably Azman). If you are coming by air you will need a cabman to pick you from the airport, I will totally recommend my cabman , Mr A.Y, and this is his number, 0806 221 0575, so you can give him a call and he is always punctual. He was one of those that made my Kano experience a memorable one as he was always available to take I and my friends anywhere we wanted to go and will happily interpret. It is advisable you come with your friends or ask other law school students to join you back in the cab so you can split the cab fare.

There is accommodation for everyone but the trick is to resume early so as to get a really comfortable room. The guys have the best hostels which I always thought was not fair, girls need the space more than guys, don’t you think so too? Anyway for the ladies, FHA, is the best, so resume early so you can get a room there. Also apart from the hostels, there are also chalets all over the school to accommodate students as well.

Dress code to lectures

For the Ladies
I wish I knew this before I resumed so you are lucky to be seeing this. For ladies, all your outfits must be several inches below the knee to avoid issues with the marshalls. Then, black shirt on black skirt is not allowed, only white shirt and black skirt and black gowns are allowed. Also, the marshalls allow black blazers worn over an armless black dress but one of our criminal litigation lecturers had issues with it, so do not wear that on the day you will be having criminal litigation, I was a victim of this and had to run back to the hostel to change.

Surprisingly, navy blue skirt or dress is allowed in Kano so far it is long enough, in fact ankle-length skirts and dresses are allowed . Lest I forget, monkey jackets are not allowed for ladies. Also your blazers must have collar and your shirts as well. Chiffon blouses are allowed so far the material is not too sheer and transparent(always remember you are in the north when the complaints from the marshalls start and they are not used to our mode of dressing in the south ,so just comply and be safe) and it looks corporate.
Also during the cold, you are allowed to wear black socks to class.
For hairstyle, you can make black or brown coloured hair..whatever colour you do ,make sure it is not too conspicuous!

For the men
The men are to wear White shirt and black or navy blue trousers with black or navy blue suit. They can also wear three piece suit for lectures .Their trousers should be corporate and official. Most importantly, length of haircut and beard, feel somehow mentioning this but it must be mentioned to avoid issues with the marshalls. Keep the length as low as you can.

For Dinner

You will have a class on what to expect at dinner and how to conduct yourselves in ethics class. You are to attend all the three dinners. Each dinner is usually for just one hour. Remember do not drink directly from the bottle, use your cup! And use the convenience before the dinner starts as you will not be allowed to step out during dinner.

You will have to wear blazer or suit for the dinner. For the ladies, the blazer can be with either three-quartered or long sleeves but must have collar with camisole and a matching below the knee skirt with your hair loosened and neatly packed or styled. Also a NLS Scarf will be given to you to be tied around your neck.

For the men, all you need to do is just trim your hair and bread and you are good . You are to wear a complete suit and a NLS pocket square will be given to you.

I will always say Kano campus has the best lecturers they painstaking explain every knotty topic thoroughly especially Mr Gambo, Mr Obi Okoye , Mr Badmus , Mr Dilwan and Mr. Alimi and Miss Benjamin. Lectures start from 9am to any time from 4 -6pm. You have two breaks in between . However ,students go earlier than 9am as signing-in using the biometrics machine starts at 8am as well as to get a seat in front though you can hear wherever you sit but where you sit depends on how much you can tolerate distractions. It also pays to go early so you can pick a comfortable seat , since you will be sitting for so long, make sure you are comfortable.

Class activities usually start by 2pm ,where you will be required to answer questions about the topic of the day,and the lecturers may pick randomly or according to your registration number or according to tutorial groups.

During registration you will be allocated to a tutorial group. So for each course, you will be given course material to help you prepare ahead of the class ,so you are to attempt the questions in the tutorial group as anyone may be called upon in class most especially persons holding any position in school.
Always try to read before class. There are a lot of softcopy materials everywhere,you can use those as they are summarized but ensure you are using the right ones or you can just read your textbooks. Reading before class increases your assimilation rate and always write in class. If you attend class and write notes in class, your class notes are almost enough to prepare you for bar finals, you may just have to refer to your textbooks for in depth knowledge. When using any textbook use with your handbook, you will be given an handbook for each course when lectures start.

You will be taking 5 courses, one course for each day of the week. Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Corporate Practice, Property Law and Practice,then Ethics and Professional Skills. Do not neglect your Ethics lectures, because as easy as it may look it is the fulcrum of all the other courses , anyone who fails it, will have to retake the whole 5 courses again during resit exam.

Then Draft, draft, draft. Once you start drafting in class ,start practicing already. Try to buy drafting paper (A4 plain paper) and start practising even if you do not feel like reading ,just draft. It will save you time when preparing for bar finals as you will just have to focus on the main lectures knowing that you have perfected your drafts and you can draft offhand. Drafts take a lot of marks in civil litigation.
Do not pile up your courses, read as soon as you have done them in class.

Also you will need to buy transparent bags for classes ,you can get those at mammy market. Also, suede shoes are not allowed.

Snap tests
Snap tests are usually conducted in Kano campus for all the courses at various times so always be prepared.
Whatever your score is ,do not be discouraged as it helps you to know how the questions will be like and how to read and how to answer questions as correct answers will be given in class. So snap tests are to keep you motivated.

Books and Library
Pirated books are frowned on . It is advisable to buy the recommended text in the school bookshop as it will be stamped to show it was bought in school and it will help you escape any piracy search. Piracy search of your rooms are conducted mostly when students are in class and any pirated books found will be confiscated.

The school’s library is by the Main Auditorium. It is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 am to 10 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am – 6 pm

Mentoring and discussions
The role of having a mentor who has gone through law school and performed excellently well cannot be overemphasized especially one who went to your campus and understands the system . The chosen mentor will guide you and answer most of your questions ,my mentors were really helpful as they helped allay my fears and motivated me . This is necessary because sometimes you may feel at sea not knowing what to do ,so they will be like your guardian angels so the pressure doesn’t get to you.

Have discussions with your friends and roommates about the courses but make sure they have the same goal as you which is to perform excellently in the bar finals ( can two walk together except they agree? No). You can also pray together with your friends and roommates, this was our secret weapon (I and my roommates) because there were days when one of us will feel down and all and prayers will lift all our spirits. Also Kano campus has the atmosphere for prayer walks so you can do that too

Church and Mosque
Kano campus has its own chapel , chapel of favour and mosque so you may not have to go out of school. Though catholic church is outside school but very close as well as ECWA church.

Bagauda Law Clinic

Kano campus is the only campus with a Law Clinic! The Bagauda Law Clinic is designed to give free legal assistance to indigent persons . It involves several visitations to prisons to donate relief materials, payment of outstanding fines to ensure release of some prison inmates, counselling them on their fundamental human rights and so many other activities. When it is time to register to be a member it will be announced in class by Mr Yusuf. Meetings are held on Tuesdays of every week after Civil Litigation class.

The Law Clinic has various committees; The Street Law Committee, Human Right Committee ,Newsletter Committee ,
then Women and Children Committee. I was in Human right committee and we organised a seminar on importance of education at Government Technical College, Bagauda and it was a great success!

There are no ATMs in school so you may want to withdraw a lot when coming to school . However we have Gamzaki and Sunday money services, where you can withdraw , though at a cost of #50 on every #1000 you withdraw. Also you can pay using POS or transfer.

There are a lot of restaurants to choose from at #200 for half plate and #300 for full plate. My best meal in school was fried Irish potato with stew prepared by Hawalu ,you can find her in Hawau’s indomie shop.Also there is suya plenty plenty and fruits plenty plenty.

The query system is stricter in Kano campus than in other campuses .If you break a rule, you get a query. You get three (3) queries, you will not be called to the bar. It’s really that serious, but it is possible not to have any query throughout, so be careful.

Kano campus is really a nice place to be and am grateful I was posted there but to be able to fully enjoy your time there, have a positive mind set. Lest I forget, you will meet amazing people from all over Nigeria, how better can it get right? Also put God first and you will have a smooth ride. Have an amazing time as giants in the sun!!!

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