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The Job of a True Advocate

The Job of a True Advocate

Jesus christ was a true advocate

who fully understand the nature of
his job. He followed due process
and was humble through out.

That’s why they called the Messiah
and so many other worship names.

He knew his job

Which is to exonerate the poor
masses. He came for the poor not
for the rich. He repeatedly made
this known in several occasions.

Now since Jesus knows his job what
about our advocates who are
expected to emulate the master
himself, are the not suppose to
give us many reasons to believe
that they know their job?

Are they not suppose to prove the
general masses wrong and clear the
air about the job of a lawyer or an

It’s funny to know that a lot of
Nigerians do not know the job of an
advocate. I know that there are
several dictionary explanation of
the term–advocate, but know that
before I jot down this post I never
go through any dictionary even

I just want to let you in
particular know that the job of an
advocate is very simple and I
believe that you already know it
but you don’t just know that that
is the job of an advoacte…

What is the job of a true adviacte?

“The job of a true advocate is to

Any thing other than that or
opposite that is false!

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