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Between Law school and NOUN Law Graduates

THE sudden transfer of Hon. Justice B.O. Quadri of the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt to Abuja Judicial Division after fixing a date for judgment on the Nigerian Law School admission tussle between the students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and the Council of Legal Education (CLE), leaves much to be desired. The preliminary objection alone lingered in the court for over a year but finally was ruled in favour of the […]

Market Makers in Nigeria: The Law and Regulation

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have released common criteria for licensing of market makers in Nigeria. The new criteria, ostensibly a response to the current global financial meltdown would be a part of a composite strategy to brief relief to investors and prevent a total meltdown of the stock market. The Nigerian Stock market was rated as the worst performing in the world for the month of January […]


You’ll get sick: more colds and headaches. You’ll worry more than you work. You’ll notice more problems with your family and friends. You’ll have some significant change in your personal habits: you’ll lose your appetite or you’ll want to pig out all the time; you’ll want to sleep all the time or you won’t be able to sleep; you’ll want sex all the time or you’ll never want sex again. You’ll go into survival mode: […]

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