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Law School Facts

7 Sacred Laws Of Law School You Should Know

“What’s the point?”… “I won’t make it anyway”… “Why would law firms pick me over others?”… “I’m never going to get a 2:1 or a first”… “I’m not intelligent enough for this”. These statements sometimes run through my mind and if you’re a law student, you may have had similar thoughts. I’ve never been the most intelligent student or someone who just “gets it”. I take my time and ask questions until I understand. I […]


By Olanrewaju Olamide There are different meanings of the word law. Perhaps this is best conveyed by the view of Baron De Montesquieu in his book, Spirit of the Law, where he wrote:   “Laws in the wider possible connotations are any necessary relation arising from a thing in nature. In this sense, all beings have their laws; the Deity his laws, the material world it laws, the intelligence superior to man its laws, the […]

Ways Law Students Get Stressed

There is another process going on in law schools that also can cause stress. It is the subtle but pervasive process of being socialized into a profession. I can’t say that I know much about this process from an academic or theoretical perspective, but I do know what I see. Every year I see the process of legal education change students in some rather fundamental ways. Some students take the new skills they are learning […]

What The Nigeria Constitution Says On TREASON.

Treason (1)    Whoever levies war against the State, in order to intimidate or overawe the President, commits treason. (2)    Nothing in this section shall prevent any act from being treason which is so by the law of England as in force in Nigeria. *The numbering is consecutive with that of the Penal Code of the Northern State. Punishment for treason Whoever commits treason shall be punished with death, and whoever attempts or abets treason shall […]

Ways You Can Be Charged For Crime

Most criminal offenses are charged with law enforcement involvement. This could be a police officer or other agencies. One particular way that is standard in many instances if for the law enforcement officer to directly observe the criminal act being committed.   This is not an uncommon occurrence as many police are available in and out of uniform to see these illegal acts. Another frequent manner in which crimes may be charged is through the […]


Individuals often face difficulties in life that cause appointments to be missed. Unfortunately, this may have a direct impact when missing a court date. These meetings are often vital to the freedom of the person involved.   The consequences of missing a court date may include a warrant for the arrest of those that do not attend. The use of a lawyer may explain just how essential it is to show up for court appointments […]

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