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Law School Advice

8 Reasons Why You Should Study Law

Law degrees combine theory with practice Behind the law of the land lies an awful lot of theory and there’s no doubt that students will have to rigorously learn it, but remember law is a fairly defined profession and its tuition has to also be vocational in nature. Some universities go so far as having a mock courtroom, and running moot competitions and pro bono societies, giving students a real taster of what it’s like […]

Coping With Law School Stress: Your Four-Point Plan

First, have faith. Have faith in God (however, you may envision God) and pray. Have faith in the process. (We really mean it when we say we would not have admitted you if we did not believe you could succeed. You are an investment — we would not squander our resources unwisely). Have faith in yourself. Become your own best cheering squad and reassure yourself with all the success you have already had that brought […]

If You Are Going To Law School You Can’t Skip These 3 Subjects

Some of you might already be aware of this fact, if that is the case then this post is meant for those who have not yet heard about this. Going to law school or becoming a lawyer is not child’s play. You must read. You must take into serious consideration some particular subjects while in secondary school. If you fail these subjects you in jamb or WAEC you better re-sit for them. Well it’s not […]

Before You Choose a Cause in Law School

Lawyers that din succeed in law as a lawyer made a huge mistake at deciding which particular field to practice in law. They fail to make the right decisions before they venture into law school. Some of them realize this hard truth while in law school: probably too late by now. While majority of them discover this delicate after law school. So they suffer continuously. But if you have not yet enter law school or […]

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