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After Law School


Individuals often face difficulties in life that cause appointments to be missed. Unfortunately, this may have a direct impact when missing a court date. These meetings are often vital to the freedom of the person involved.   The consequences of missing a court date may include a warrant for the arrest of those that do not attend. The use of a lawyer may explain just how essential it is to show up for court appointments […]

The Job of a True Advocate

Jesus christ was a true advocate who fully understand the nature of his job. He followed due process and was humble through out. That’s why they called the Messiah and so many other worship names. He knew his job Which is to exonerate the poor masses. He came for the poor not for the rich. He repeatedly made this known in several occasions. Now since Jesus knows his job what about our advocates who are […]

2 Kinds of Advocate You Don’t Want to Become.

Some of you are going to law school today to become the advocate of the poor while some of you prefer to advocate for the highly rich. None of the above is bad. the problem is there are 2 Kinds of advocates your parent will never lived you to be. If you tell them that it’s because of this kind of advocate you are going to read law in school for about 6, I bet […]

2 Very Simple Tools You Can Use To Blog About Law

There are very few blog in law. I don’t know why,may be it’s because their are very few people going into legal practices. Or the ones who are practicing law are not blog savvy. But why should they be blog savvy before they can post about law or the thing they so much love. The blogging industry has really come to stay, there is not going back, there are countless if topics on blogging ranging […]

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