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By Olanrewaju Olamide There are different meanings of the word law. Perhaps this is best conveyed by the view of Baron De Montesquieu in his book, Spirit of the Law, where he wrote:   “Laws in the wider possible connotations are any necessary relation arising from a thing in nature. In this sense, all beings have their laws; the Deity his laws, the material world it laws, the intelligence superior to man its laws, the […]

Welcome To 2017

As we engage 2017, NIGERIAN LAW SCHOOL STUDENTS sincerely thank you for your active engagement on all our social media platforms (TWITTER @nglawstudents, INSTAGRAM @ Nigerian law school students, FACEBOOK @Nigeria law school, LINKEDIN @ Nigeria law school students home). We appreciate your kind expressions of appreciation, and are especially grateful for the reading, sharing and commenting. We hope that you continue to make us your platform of choice, as we would ensure you get […]

Ways Law Students Get Stressed

There is another process going on in law schools that also can cause stress. It is the subtle but pervasive process of being socialized into a profession. I can’t say that I know much about this process from an academic or theoretical perspective, but I do know what I see. Every year I see the process of legal education change students in some rather fundamental ways. Some students take the new skills they are learning […]


You’ll get sick: more colds and headaches. You’ll worry more than you work. You’ll notice more problems with your family and friends. You’ll have some significant change in your personal habits: you’ll lose your appetite or you’ll want to pig out all the time; you’ll want to sleep all the time or you won’t be able to sleep; you’ll want sex all the time or you’ll never want sex again. You’ll go into survival mode: […]

Coping With Law School Stress: Your Four-Point Plan

First, have faith. Have faith in God (however, you may envision God) and pray. Have faith in the process. (We really mean it when we say we would not have admitted you if we did not believe you could succeed. You are an investment — we would not squander our resources unwisely). Have faith in yourself. Become your own best cheering squad and reassure yourself with all the success you have already had that brought […]

How To Get Your Money Back After Police Arrest.

In many instances of an arrest, law enforcement officers seize property, money and possessions. It is often difficult and time-consuming to regain these items even after the arrest has been completed. Various factors of the arrest, charges and case may cause difficulty in retrieving possessions and money. There are steps a person may take in order to re-obtain money that has been earned in one fashion or another. A receipt should have been issued to […]


THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (UDHR) Human rights refer to the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled simply because they are human beings, regardless of their personality, race ethnicity, gender or religion. THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. The universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted and proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly in 1948. It is the first human rights instrument in the world and lays the foundation of […]

List of Universities In Nigeria That have Law Faculties.

  Abia State University                                                           Uturu. P.M.B. 2000 Okigwe, Abia State Ahmadu Bello University.                                                    Zaria. Kaduna State Ambrose Alli University.     […]

What The Nigeria Constitution Says On TREASON.

Treason (1)    Whoever levies war against the State, in order to intimidate or overawe the President, commits treason. (2)    Nothing in this section shall prevent any act from being treason which is so by the law of England as in force in Nigeria. *The numbering is consecutive with that of the Penal Code of the Northern State. Punishment for treason Whoever commits treason shall be punished with death, and whoever attempts or abets treason shall […]

Ways You Can Be Charged For Crime

Most criminal offenses are charged with law enforcement involvement. This could be a police officer or other agencies. One particular way that is standard in many instances if for the law enforcement officer to directly observe the criminal act being committed.   This is not an uncommon occurrence as many police are available in and out of uniform to see these illegal acts. Another frequent manner in which crimes may be charged is through the […]


Individuals often face difficulties in life that cause appointments to be missed. Unfortunately, this may have a direct impact when missing a court date. These meetings are often vital to the freedom of the person involved.   The consequences of missing a court date may include a warrant for the arrest of those that do not attend. The use of a lawyer may explain just how essential it is to show up for court appointments […]

Rely on the Best Solicitors for Probate Services

Losing any of your loved one is a difficult situation, and if you have some legal trouble at the same time, it can make the conditions more and more difficult. When a person dies, his assets or property must go through a probate so as to divide the property in a better way. Whether it goes with the help of a will, without will, a legal document for distribution of property, legal processes associated with […]

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