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Yenogoa Campus


About Yenagoa Campus, Nigerian Law School

Hey! Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello, I’m Naomi Ekop, avid reader who loves playing games with such tenacious consistency (which I should definitely consider channeling elsewhere) and I also dabble into research, writing and DIY crafts. You can find me on Facebook: Naomi Ekop or Twitter: @nayomi_FL.

How did you feel when you saw your NLS campus posting?

I had mixed feelings as I would be going to a town I knew next to nothing about though I was glad it was close to home. On the other hand, it wasn’t the choice my family had hoped I would get (which was Abuja).

How was the resumption and registration process?

I resumed early Monday morning (the very first day) and registration was to start by 9am but didn’t start till 12 noon. Some students had even arrived the day before (temporary accommodation was available). My first impression was ‘This place is quite small’. The staff (P.S we had nice and awesome lecturers too) were quite friendly and welcoming (and I would say contrary to my expectations which involved a healthy fear of bureaucracy in public institutions). Registration was quite straightforward once you had the necessary documents and passport photographs (there are photographers though it’s a money-making opportunity for them). The fact that we were few also helped, so it depends on you, resume early and you’ll also avoid the hassle of combining registration and classes. Registration involved a central point registration, making photocopies, medical clearance and room allocation.

Tell us about the accommodation? Are there any options, like different sizes of rooms with better amenities?

Rooms were allocated according to registration numbers. The rooms accommodate 5 persons (save the common room which had to accommodate much more). As God would have it, I got a room that could only hold 4 but it was one of the spacious rooms and 3 amazing roommates) with adjoining bathroom and toilet. The executive hostel was given to the males because they were more in number and provided for 2 persons per room for an additional 50k.

Any contraband not allowed in hostel?

Just the usual contraband prohibited according to the rules, including but not limited to cooking utensils, drinks and cigarettes. Also, sharp objects are not allowed (I was specifically asked about scissors). We were allowed to use electric kettles.

How long do lectures last for? How did you cope with those hours?

Lectures were initially said to be from 9am to 2pm but could be extended based on the lecturer’s prerogative. Most lectures were divided into two parts — Overview and Group presentation with a 30–45 minutes break in between. I tend to be blessed with the capacity for sitting in one place for long hours (lol) but you’ll get used to it (or not, and also depending on the seat too, I might add).

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Did you ever have time to read before class or make notes?

I initially thought I would make notes before classes but that didn’t work. I also tried making notes after, still didn’t work out. I settled for making notes during classes and reading my textbooks. I had group meetings (despite what you hear or even see, please attend and participate in group meetings) usually by 7pm (when there was a task) so I made efforts to read from 5pm and any time left after the group meeting. This was mostly to familiarize myself with the topic for the next day (and also being wary of the mic getting to me, Lol).

Does your campus allow for printed handouts?

Our lecturers didn’t give printed handouts and rarely gave out their power-point slides. There were quite a number of materials and notes of former students in circulation but we were adequately warned of the dangers of relying on them. I didn’t buy any hardcopies but from those I looked at, the warnings were not misplaced as some of them are not in tandem with the current position of the law (so be very careful).

Let’s talk about the food? What are the good food spots around campus or in town?

You can’t cook in law school so you have to buy food. There are food joints within the school, though a couple of them closed up during our stay. There was “Iya Calabar” (highly patronized and you may get really excited about the food till you get to the point where you have to make some tough decisions based on quantity and attitude); Afro-goshen (the girls there are very welcoming and it has a nice atmosphere), Jemp Catering (can’t say so much cause I only went there in the first few weeks) and a Stall that prepared and sold only indomie (according to your preferences). Across the school gate was a woman who was available between 11am and 1pm and along the roads were Mmasi (a lifesaver at night when places in school were closed for the day), fruit stalls, bole and fries stands.

In town there was Tombia (for lovers of peppery food), Market Square (try their bread first), Bukka Swallows, Pepperoni and Crunchies (if you have the money to spend, not daily I hope).


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