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2 Very Simple Tools You Can Use To Blog About Law

2 Very Simple Tools You Can Use To Blog About Law

There are very few blog in law. I don’t know why,may be it’s because their are very few people going into legal practices. Or the ones who are practicing law are not blog savvy.

But why should they be blog savvy before they can post about law or the thing they so much love.

The blogging industry has really come to stay, there is not going back, there are countless if topics on blogging ranging from dress making to house keeping. just mention any thing, there will probably be a blog for it.

However right now I’m guesting that our lawyer friends here are not blog savvy. it not their fault considering the amount of time they spent in law school reading for bar exams and studying seriously for the future and rough cases in the court room.

Because of that I want to recommend 2 very popular and very simple blogging tool they can try their hands on. These 2 tools are free. Unless you want to go to the next level.

#1 is WordPress:
This blogging platform is used by millions of Internet loves some use it to cause confusion while some users it to change the world. I live this platform because it free and very simple to use.

#2 Blogger:
This one is powered by the giant Almighty Google. U bet you will make a mistake going with this tool. But I just prefer WordPress. Even though I started blogging with blogger.

Have a nice day!

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