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2 Kinds of Advocate You Don’t Want to Become.

2 Kinds of Advocate You Don’t Want  to Become.

Some of you are going to law school
today to become the advocate of the
poor while some of you prefer to
advocate for the highly rich.

None of the above is bad.

the problem is there are 2 Kinds of
advocates your parent will never
lived you to be. If you tell them
that it’s because of this kind of
advocate you are going to read law
in school for about 6, I bet you
will pay your whole university fees
in your own.

The world is deadly in need of good
advocates if the truth. Brilliant
advocates that knows their left
from their right. Eko ugh wrong has
been done to it.

It can’t take it no longer.

That’s wht you mither sent you to
read law in school but you are
going to fail your mother if you
become any of his advocate below.

–Advocate 1.
The advocate that takes bribe! when
you take bribe your hands are
tight, your mouth is sealed and
your eyes are blindfolded.

If you find your myself in this
kind of condition how can you make
the right decision and what’s
right. Please try you possible best
and abstain from bribery.
–Advocate 2.
The advocate that hates the truth.
It’s is by being truthful that you
will convince anyone including the
judge that you know what you are

You can’t be an advocate and be
very far from the truth. Please
take serious note.

Thank you

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