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This is a student room and we are Nigeria's largest online law school students and alumni community.

Everything You Need for Success at the Law School and Build a Thriving Legal Career

Let's prepare you for law school

The Nigerian law school may appear to be tough especially when you’re alone. It’s a lot easier when you make friends  with the right people – your colleagues, alumni of the law school, experienced and seasoned tutors and mentors, who can give you tested and trusted strategies and techniques that would guide you in law school and help achieve your dream of pass the Bar Finals.

Want good law school grades?

We have some very useful and reliable exam tips, We can help demystify the law school experience so you’ll be ready for success from day one. You will understand how to prepare for class, develop your legal drafting skills , take class notes, outline the law, study for exams and write a law school exam answer.

Law School, the key to reach your goal

The Nigerian Law School is special purpose vehicle that conveys you to your desired destination – An Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Although this journey may seem as though you are walking in  spooky valleys, however testimonials from those that have gone before can be a good source of inspiration to you.

In our discussion forum you’ll find shared experiences from members who have successfully navigate their way through the Nigerian  Law School.

walk with us

We are a special care unit, all we want is to make your law school journey a productive and memorable one.

Before Law School

What is the best way to prepare for the Nigerian Law School? What should you be doing in your undergraduate years to make yourself an eligible aspirant to the Nigerian Bar ? In this community, you will know what you need to do to get ready for law school.

During Law School

The Nigerian Law School is a Training ground for future lawyers. It offers more than just studying books and attending classes. You also learn the ethics of the profession , build and grow your network and relational skills which are keys to building a successful legal career.

Post Law School

The desire of every new wig is to find him/her self in a career friendly environment, where he/she can build a thriving career either in a law firm or any other sector. We can make your desire come true as we connect you to top tier Law Firms , Business Organisations, Non-profits Organisations , Government Agencies, International Organisations e.t.c.


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