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Welcome to law school

This is a student room and we are Nigeria's largest online law school student community.

Everything You Need For Law School Success

Lets prep you for law school

The Nigerian law school may appear to be tough especially when you’re alone. It’s a lot easier when you make friends  with the right students or past students who can give you special tips. We’re here to help!

Want good law school grades?

We have some very useful and reliable exam tips, We can help demystify the law school experience so you’ll be ready for success from day one. You will understand how to prepare for class, write a case brief, take class notes, outline the law, study for exams and write a law school exam answer.

Law School, the key to reach your goal

Law school may be the key to reaching your goals of becoming a legal professional, but it is not easy. And while the reward waiting for you at its conclusion may make the journey more than worth your while, finding a little inspiration along the way can help you keep going when the going gets tough.

In our discussion forum you’ll find shared experiences from members who have experienced.

walk with us

We are a special care unit, all we want is to make your law school journey a productive and memorable one.

Pre Law School

What is the best way to prepare for law school? What should you be doing in your undergraduate years to make yourself the most competitive applicant? In this community, You will know more about the best pre-law majors and explain what you need to do to get into the law school of your dreams.

During Law School

Law school offers more than just studying books and briefs. You can choose extracurricular activities while in law school to enhance your studies and to help you prepare for the type of law you want to practice.

Post Law School

For most people, law school can be the ultimate goal. However, once your graduation date draws closer, it may suddenly dawn upon you that your future path may not be set out quite so clearly. While it can be tempting to panic with such a realization, there is no need to worry.


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