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If You Are Going To Law School You Can’t Skip These 3 Subjects

If You Are Going To Law School You  Can’t Skip These 3 Subjects

Some of you might already be aware of this fact, if that is the case then this post is meant for those who have not yet heard about this.

Going to law school or becoming a lawyer is not child’s play. You must read. You must take into serious consideration some particular subjects while in secondary school. If you fail these subjects you in jamb or WAEC you better re-sit for them.

Well it’s not even all about re-sitting for these subjects. It has a lot to do with knowing these subject and becoming expert in them. Because you will require them in your legal career.

Let’s see the 3 subjects together below.

#1 English:
I know by now you might be saying “haba, English?”. Yes, English! I discovered that a lot of Nigerian students are not conversant with this popular and very essential language. They under rate this language to the extent that they go to law school without getting an adequate knowledge in this subject. So when they fail their bar exams, they lay all the blame on the DG.

#2. History:
You are going to need this a lot in tough cases in court. You are going to prove to the judge and the rational audience that you are actually using the right historical evidence to defend your clients.

#3. Psychology:
Whether or not they teach this subject in secondary school, you must have a sound knowledge in human psychology, you must be able to know how humans think and you must know the fundamental elements that plays the most role in decision making. You must be able to read the facial expressions of you potential client
and understand what they actually mean when they are explaining their matter to you.

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