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How To Prepare Yourself For Scholarship

How To Prepare Yourself For Scholarship

Luck comes to those that are well prepared.
When I was a kid, I used to believe that luck is something divine and only from God. I believed that luck will just come to you one day when its your turn.

So “Luck” was one of the most important word to me then.

A lot of times I will delve into wishful thinking, “oh one day I will be lucky enough to see a Ghana-must-go bag of money”

“Oh one day someone will gift me a car–“oh oh oh”

But unfortunately all those thinking were engineered by my believe of the existence of luck!

As I start to get older and get into the habit of reading I started to know what luck really is.

Many authors defines it differently, while dictionaries defined it differently too. But the best definitions that there is and that I want you to take is the one defined by some seasoned brilliant authors.

Although majority of them used different words to explain this phenomenon.

“Luck is opportunity meets preparation”

That is it”

Anything contradictory is false.

Since we have now let known to ourselves that luck is not what we think it is, and what it really is, now how do we prepare our mind body and soul for success in our academy?

How do we get ready for scholarship into law school
Or any school of our choice?

Below I have curated a list of seven things that we must do to prepare our mind for success.

#1. Read,

#2. Make friends with lectures

#3. Make friends with professors

#4. Join reputable associations

#5. Make your intentions known

#6. Participate in debates and quiz

#7. Pray to God or Allah.

#8. Read

#9. Before you do #1, Plan

#10. DO NUMBER #7 AGAIN and all the time

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