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3 Things Not To Do In Law School

When applying to law school, your personal statement is your best opportunity to present to admissions committees aspects of which you are that are not apparent through LSAT scores, GPAs and transcripts. It is this access to your personality and non-quantifiable characteristics that makes it such an important piece of the puzzle and enables it to set you apart from other applicants. When I advise applicants, I try to impress upon them the importance of a fresh idea and a genuine voice. Every year applicants show me their original statements, and they sound too generic and clearly were lost in the crowd of other applicants.   There are ways to avoid a bland or ill-fitting statement. I will discuss three common mistakes to avoid that can result in an essay that might hamstring your law ...


By Olanrewaju Olamide There are different meanings of the word law. Perhaps this is best conveyed by the view of Baron De Montesquieu in his book, Spirit of the Law, where he wrote:   “Laws in the wider possible connotations are any necessary relation arising from a thing in nature. In this sense, all beings have their laws; the Deity his laws, the material world it laws, the intelligence superior to man its laws, the beasts their laws, man his law…” From the above, it can be seen that law is used in multiple senses. Thus it is imperative for the different types of laws to be considered. They are:   Eternal Law Divine Law Natural Law Human or Positive Law Eternal Law: The word eternal means something that would last forever. Eternal laws are laws that have applied since the begin...

How To Get Your Money Back After Police Arrest.

In many instances of an arrest, law enforcement officers seize property, money and possessions. It is often difficult and time-consuming to regain these items even after the arrest has been completed. Various factors of the arrest, charges and case may cause difficulty in retrieving possessions and money. There are steps a person may take in order to re-obtain money that has been earned in one fashion or another. A receipt should have been issued to the arrested individual as required by procedure. This piece of paper explains all items taken and placed in police custody when removed through a warrant.   The law enforcement officers are required to fill a list of all items taken during the seizure through a search warrant. This search warrant should be filed and completed with a court...

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