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3 Reasons Your Mom Sent You to Law School.

3 Reasons Your Mom Sent You to Law  School.

Lagos or Nigeria as a whole is a

country run by those with money and
power. If you don’t have money you
should have power or else you are
going to face a lot of sh*t.

There are those who derive joy in
taking advantage of the masses or
the ones who has got a very shadow
pocket. They sit on them and even
pollute on them. It’s a pity of

This is one of the reason our
parents wants to give birth to
children who will always rescue
them from this ordeal.

Below we are going to go through
just 3 funny reasons your parents
deem it fit for you to go to law
school and become a seasoned

1) To give them respect:
Our parents live to be the mother
or father of this and that lawyer.
It makes hem feel proud of
themselves and secured as well.

At least they know that they have
nothing to be worried about in this
harsh city called Lagos.

2) To always stand for them in
times of trouble:
There will always be one problem or
the other, there is no two ways
about it. You must fall into one
big mess. For this reason your mom
sent you to law school just in case
she fall a victim of this mess.

3) To protect your siblings and
It’s always good and advisable to
always have a lawyer in the house.
This one layer a lone is like tower
that protect the family from any
attack or what so ever.

4) for you to be respected and
Your mom will definitely derive joy
when you are powerful respected and
feared in the society because she
knows that, that prestige also
automatically falls in her.

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